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Consumer Assistance

Choosing the right motorcoach company can be a taunting task. The United Motorcoach Association, one of the industry's national organizations, has developed a purchasing guide for consumers. You can find an excerpt below and the entire guide can be found at

Excerpt from UMA's Consumer Guide
All motorcoach companies are not alike. When you're deciding on which company to use, remember that safety can be affected by many mechanical components which you can't see. If the price you receive from one operator is significantly or surprisingly lower than others in your community, it may be because that company is saving money by poor or inadequate preventative maintenance procedures. Don't risk heartache to save a couple of bucks! Follow these guidelines and remember that safety is a reputable company's first priority.

As a final safety note, you may wish to check with your local law enforcement agency or the closest state police installation to ask about their experiences with the company you'd like to hire.


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Annual Meeting 2014

Our next annual meeting will be at the Hilton Hotel Mystic Conn. The dates are Thurs. June 19th to Sunday June 22nd 2014. Information on this meeting will appear Shortly.

In regards to our 2013 Annual meeting, thank you to all those attending the meeting in Maine. The 110 attendees had a great time learning and relaxing. Even some "Dirty Dancing" occurred. Thank you to all our associate members and especially those that help sponsor our meeting. This meeting was a great success.



Be sure to check under the "NEBA and Industry Events" Tab for information regarding national motorcoach events on the calender for 2012-2013.


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